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I agree with Pam. I will turn anyone in who is smoking on balcony or room.
Princess needs to make the entire Promenade deck non smoking so those choosing to run or walk has fresh air to breathe in. A pool area all non smoking would be nice also. We are looking forward to enjoying our balcony on next cruises. Would love to meet Pam on a cruise. Hoping the pizza place on Lido deck will not be surrounded by smoker(ers).
Seadeck2, the fewer places that are non-smoking means that the places that are will have even more smoke. For walkers and runners there is still plenty of deck without smokers. Every cruise will be different as to how many smokers are on board. If you are not happy with the current policy, you too can vote with your wallet and cruise on a different line. Don't forget smokers should be able to enjoy their vacation also.
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