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We're stopping in Ragiroa in April while on a PG cruise and would like to go to the Blue Lagoon. We apparently will be there for the whole day (9AM to 6PM). Has anyone successfully (without staying at one of the hotels) booked an excursion to the Blue Lagoon recently? If so what tour operators are offering them? Any information would be appreciated as I have been trying to contact operators listed from various sites without success.
Hi. Let me know what you find out either here or elsewhere. Also April 2017 but on a Holland-Amer. cruise. As accomplished Snorkelers with gear that's what we want to do...Blue Lagoon snorkeling and Motu lunch, or Drift Snorkel Tiputa Pass, not SCUBA. We hear Hotel Kia Ora is base of operations for such things. A Mr.Ugo runs the show they say. Six Passengers Dive is the name of their DiveShop partner. We've snorkeled Rangiroa but not to Blue Lagoon. I'm thsteinman AT gmail DOT com Good Luck. Locomotiveman
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