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hi im going on a cruise in july on the shapphire princess for 14 nights , ive got a balcony cabin c312 , and got the soft drinks package , dont drink alcohol with tablets im on . just wonder any tips and what the rooms are like . also afew people who ive spoken to who go on cruises say they remove the tips what get automatically added onto the bill and tip people who they choose ? do pricess add tips on and can they be removed ? many thanks for any time and help.
As you are on Caribe deck you have the largest balconies on the ship. Half covered and half uncovered. Very nice. As for the tips: Princess will add a daily gratuity per person to the folio. You "can" have them removed but then any tip you give to someone will be taken for the "pool". In effect you will be tipping the person almost nothing. The daily gratuity goes to all the staff - including those you don't see. If you leave that in place and tip someone for special service be sure to put it in an envelope (ask at the customer service desk) and write your cabin number and the person's name on the outside. (I include our last name as well.) They will be required to turn it in but, if you have left the daily gratuities in place, they will get it back. Employees who take cash tips and don't report them can be fired. I strongly urge you not to remove the daily gratuities but it is, of course, up to you.
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