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"but more along the lines of how as an adult, that would cause you to feel offended or uncomfortable. Those are extreme feelings that shouldn't be brought on by"

I would feel uncomfortable with a stranger asking me to respond to your above statement. My perception is that this stranger felt that they were above the fray and that they were so sophisticated and intellectual that they could deal with most any subject brought up at the dinner table. That's a bit smug and condescending for my taste. To end this discussion, at least from my side, I simply would change tables. We're done. Enjoy your cruise. I know I will enjoy mine.
Wow, I really think you keep responding to someone else's comments, but you keep quoting mine. I have not once mentioned that I would bring up ANY conversation at dinner, so I'm not sure why your perception of me would be something negative based on something I never said. Are you even reading the same thread as everyone else?
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