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Technically she is not a minor and does not need a letter in spite of what the cruise line pop up says, in fact a letter has no effect at all. Instead of arguing the point, just get her parents to write a letter saying she has permission to leave the country. Nothing formal is needed.

People often confuse the age when one is no longer a minor with the legal drinking age, they are not the same in the US. In the US anyone 18 or over is considered an adult for legal purposes, but they are not of legal drinking age until they are 21. This means that they can vote, sign a binding contract to buy a house or a car, or get a credit card, but they cannot drink alcohol.

In most places in the Caribbean the legal drinking age is 18 or lower, so while a person might not be able to drink on the ship they can legally drink ashore.

Good luck keeping track of it all!
Can a 19 year old enlist in the U.S. Military without parent's approval?

If a 19 year old is not a full time student, does a non- cusstodial parent's court ordered child support obligation end?
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