Great photos some of the best I've ever seen of her!

I don't think I like her refurb colour schemes though... Which is disappointing. Not as "classy" as I had hoped, almost leaning on the tacky side. Certainly could have done more than what they did and could have chosen better decor, colours & schemes. Almost everything should have been touched. Now the cabins have this whole half new, half old look to them, with new colours up against the old sun damaged beach wood yellowing walls. It's very apparent in the QG suites as some of the walls around the bed are now a new grey like colour but the rest of the walls are the original yellowing colour. The bathrooms also haven't been touched. My last Voyage was in 2015 and we were in a Q6, had a fantastic room and we were upgraded for free from PG so no complaints from me, but if I had paid full price for a QG I would have asked for a refund. The room was a dump, especially the bathroom... I actually felt embarrassed for Cunard charging the over inflated prices they do and couldn't understand how the QM2 wasn't already ripped out of service to have a total make over and fix up! I supposed at least now she probably feels newer onboard. I wonder if a lot of the fixes were just "band aid" fixes though? Did they fix the pot holes? the leaky roofs? for example..

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