KathR and Rack62, I apologise, I hadn't meant to be rude. I really enjoy reading the reviews.
No Rack I didn't mean 99.9% of the population, just the people on this board, a much smaller population, sorry if i was not clear. I will just have to see for myself re the food as mostly I have only heard good from here and i am not prepared to judge without first hand knowledge. And yes I do respect your opinions, I listen and I make up my own mind.
And Kath please don't stop posting, I also am a mother of 2 and work full time so I can empathize with you.
I am looking forward to this cruise and would love to try another down the track possibly overseas like Mexico. But this is all I have for now and lucky to have it.
Kath you may have to advise me where the next one shouldbe, cause there certainlywill be a next. And I would love to try other liners - a friend is about to go on the Superstar Gemini around Asia and another is going to Alaska on Royal Caribbean (that does sound funny, I hope I got that right)

Anyway to all, please keep on with the posts, all information is important and if thee is a loss in standards it should be spoken of.