I have a question to ask. Please don't shoot me down I am just interested.

rack62 & KathR, if you had such a bad time did you contact P&O on your return to raise your concerns? Also did you speak to the pursers desk on board to have them addressed at the time? More often than not I hear people say they had a terrible time but do nothing to try to improve it other than complain. I have found that a calm & rational discussion goes a long way to addressing issues before they "ruin" your holiday.

I know that my aunt has had cause to complain about her table waiter who was making nasty comments in Indonesian about her husband (now ex). He didn't know she could speak Indonesian and was well & truly caught out. He was disciplined and they got a new waiter. They funny thing is the next cruise we were all on together who should be our waiter but the same guy who did remember them and was fanastic. He is now a Head Waiter and I am sure that the little problem was probably the turning point in his career because it made him think about the passengers in a different way. We often seek him out and it is a highlight to find that Yuni is on staff on the ship we are travelling on or to find someone who knows him who can give us an update on him.

If you didn't feel comfortable addressing this on the ship, have you contacted P&O on your return so that they can be made aware of the issues and address them so improvements can be made? Did you honestly fill out your comments cards? We always take at least 1/2 hour to fill out the cards and give them our honest opinion and suggestions for improvement. My Nan has travelled on over 25 cruises and still takes the time to give her suggestions.

I'm sure that P&O read this board (they would be stupid not to ). But nothing can replace open communication from customers. BTW I would not suggest sending an email, that system is not particularly well managed but rather call them or send a letter to the CEO. Ask for a response and follow up if you don't get it.

Sorry for the length of my message but as I am sure you appreciate this is something I feel strongly about. If we all don't address problems we face they just become problems for the person who comes after us!!

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