Just wanted to say thanks for all your feedback and we've just returned from our short trip.

Never made it to afternoon tea due to so many things to do on such a short sailing.

We did get tickets for the Planetarium in Illuminations (they did 3 sessions on the sea day).

As for disembarkation, although Cunard head office said we'd be able to leave the ship around 9:30 for our booked 10:00 bus shuttle, we were allocated a 10:15 departure time as we were on deck 6. As a result we signed up for self disembarkation, so we could leave at our preferred time. Worked out OK as we could easily manage our bags ourselves.

As it happened, it was a breeze when we left around 8:30 (used the elevators on stairway A as our cabin was near there) and walked to deck 3. Staff were advising those who had been allocated an early departure time, that no bags had yet been delivered to the terminal and so disembarkation was delayed. Therefore, we breezed through, no immigration (which surprised me seeing the UK isn't in the Schengen Agreement.

So we were in the terminal a good hour before our booked bus, so we grabbed a cab before the hordes descended and was at our hotel by 9:15 easily and only cost 27.

We enjoyed the promenade deck, the Commodore Club and the Chart Room.

The snacks in the Carinthia Lounge we welcome mid afternoon when we couldn't make afternoon tea in the Queens Room.
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Peteukmcr from Manchester, UK