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Excursions desk, first sea day. I got there at 8 (desk opened at 9) and was first in line, by 8:30 there were about 25 people behind me.

You fill out a form and get a letter a few days later if you were selected. Not every9ne can get in as itís slot controlled but they did two tours on our trip (much to the staffís chagrin).

Iíll be honest - the tour was inferior to what HAL offers on its larger ships.
Interesting, I nearly did the overnight camping (at least it felt like it) and turned up at 8:15. I was a lonely man until 9:00. Nobody else (in numbers: 0) turned up to make a reservation for the tour even at this time.
Did you queue when the tour was still advertised in the Daily Programme?

IMHO, they charge you exactly the expenses you cause in employees wages, drinks and souvenirs. Extra security staff and a photographer will accompany you on the entire tour, which lasts 3-4 hrs. Think of it as an excursion within the ship, not as a freebie.
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