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I second this comment.
The internet is terribly slow. I have wasted SO many minutes trying to check email or do something for work. Wifi has been terrible, even if I go into the internet cafe. The best times to access are late at night when everyone is asleep.
I have used all my free loyalty minutes trying to do about 20 minutes of work and then had to use what was left of DH's loyalty minutes to check us into our flights!

Be prepared to not be able to get much done with whatever you decide to do regarding internet time. Good luck! I look forward to the day that we hear how fabulous Princess wifi is.
Been a while since our last Princess cruise but currently considering a Regal Princess sailing. Is slow internet an issue fleet-wide? On Royal and X was impressed with their fast internet. Cost of unlimited package also seemed reasonable at $199 for 14 days after 30% loyalty discount.
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