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Maybe the fact that there was "plenty of controlling" going on was partly the reason for no bad beahviour.
Having said that, on my cruise where security probably wasn't as tight as it is now (although I considered it to be adequate) there was still no unruly behaviour.
And Kath, I appreciate your honest opinion of your cruise, as you said, these boards are here to discuss cruises, positive & negative aspects. I guess your biggest problem was the fact that you have cruised luxury liners previously but as someone pointed out, you knew when booking that you were going on a 3* cruise not a 5* and therefore should have been prepared for less luxury.
Although I have not sailed on luxury liners before I don't really have any inclination to in the future.I much prefer the less formal, more casual way of holidaying.

I agree Karen, and I for one am not critiscising anyones reviews (I hope I haven't come across that way) - but I do think it's difficult to compare Pacific Star to Grandeur of the Seas (for example) as they are two completely different ships aimed at two completely different cruise markets.

Like you Karen - we last cruised before the security crackdowns in the wake of the Dianne Brimble inquiry - so we haven't really experienced this, but I believe P&O are only doing what they've been pressured by certain areas of the media in this country to do, so that they can retain their passengers and keep cruising. It's an unfortunate fact of life that we live in a society where the media can make or break things - and at the moment they seem out to break P&O.
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