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I agree Karen, and I for one am not critiscising anyones reviews (I hope I haven't come across that way) - but I do think it's difficult to compare Pacific Star to Grandeur of the Seas (for example) as they are two completely different ships aimed at two completely different cruise markets.

Like you Karen - we last cruised before the security crackdowns in the wake of the Dianne Brimble inquiry - so we haven't really experienced this, but I believe P&O are only doing what they've been pressured by certain areas of the media in this country to do, so that they can retain their passengers and keep cruising. It's an unfortunate fact of life that we live in a society where the media can make or break things - and at the moment they seem out to break P&O.
Whilst I think that the security on our cruise was adequate I do not have a problem with P&O adding extra security, whether it be in the form of guards, cameras etc. After all, I have nothing to hide and I think the only people that would object are the ones that do have something to hide.
Also, when it comes to "comparing", I don't think any ship should be compared as far as "crimes" go because as it has been pointed out before, all cruise lines are subject to this and RCI appears to be one of the worst (yes I know they have more ships than P&O Aust). As far as P&O Aust goes, the Brimble case was an isolated incident and unfortunately that particular cruise had 8 b******s on board that have given P&O a bad name. Let's hope they can regain their credit so that we Aussies have many more years of cruising ahead of us.

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