I'm assumung you were on the same cruise as us [July 1]. We had a wonderful time and had no problem with any of the crew or the state of the ship. We weren't expecting a "luxury" ship but a "fun" ship and that's exactly how we found it. The extra security cameras were appreciated, especially as we had three children with us. The only time I heard of people being redirected to other seats were children sitting in the front rows of the show lounge. Given the risque [but very entertaining] nature of the shows, I thought this was entirely appropriate. As for being served at the buffet, in light of the number of people coughing, I was pleased with this extra hygiene measure. Especially after witnessing several people refusing to use the sanitiser before helping themselves to the buffet. I cannot comment on the refusal to serve drinks, as this was not an issue for us. However there were several large groups on board, and a couple of these groups were very loud. I would presume that P&O were trying to avoid any more criticism of out of control passengers, especially in light of the tragic Brimble case. It was a school holiday cruise, and as a mother, I was very pleased with the family friendly approach. We would go again tomorrow!