[quote=karmac]I agree with you strawberrypatch. I had only one complaint about our cruise & that was it wasn't long enough. The cabin couldn't have been any cleaner, the food absolutely fabulous and the serice impeccable but at the same time casual & relaxing. I know there are cruise lines out there that offer more but from the impression I get they are not as relaxing & informal as P&O Aust. Many other cruise lines casual nights are like our formal nights. Not my idea of a holiday but I know it appeals to many others. I also think that as far as a family holiday is concerned, the more casual the better. And P&O Aust certainly cater for families and as I have no intention of holidaying without my kids until they are "off our hands", P&O Aust suits us just fine. Would also like to add that at the time we booked our last cruise they were the only ones that catered for a family with 3 children. That alone gets a big thumbs up from me.


I agree with you Karmac, the beauty to me of cruising with P&O Aust is the casual and fun environment on board the ship. I'm the same, I wouldn't want to cruise on a ship that is formal all the time.