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Hi Guys,

Where do you get the impression that other cruise ships are 'formal all the time'?

That certainly isn't my impression....

...and with P&O, on formal night you have to go formal or have the buffet (canteen food), or pay in the only other restaurant..

On any other cruise ship I have been on, there have been many choices....and no need to take posh frock if you don't want to...

Enjoy the Pacific Sun/Star...but also know that there are other cruise ships out there offering much more choice on new ships, with flexible dining, great entertainment ...and kids clubs....

Hey have fun....but don't dismiss what else is out there...

Well firstly the impression about how formal other ships are I get on these boards. Secondly, you DON'T have to be formal on P&O. You can go to dinner casual on formal nights if you like. Thirdly, there is no buffet for dinner on P&O (certainly wasn't on my cruise anyway).
I know there are other choices out there if I want to travel to another country to cruise & believe me there is nothing more that I want than a cruise to the Scandinavian Fjords but as a family of 5 living on 1 income we don't have a lot of choice and I'm very happy with the choice we have.

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