Hey guys, just a word from someone who has never been on a cruise and is very much looking forward to it.

We are on the Pacific Sun end of August. Reading so much on the boards is great and you do get a fair idea of what to expect - a BIG thankyou to all for all the "silly" questions we may ask.

Now from what I understand is that the P&O ships here may not be in the lap of luxury cruising but nonetheless are still very good, and from what 99.9% have said are very up to standards. Yes I know they are not the newest ships and possibly may look a bit tired to those who have sailed in the newest and the best but they are what we have here and it seems you are all having a great time - ISN"T THAT WHAT IT"S ALL ABOUT!!!

We get on them to enjoy and it doesn't really matter how dressed up you get or how many restaurants there are or if the food wasn't 6 star - there are places you go for these things and I don't think anyone is kidding themselves that our ships are 5 star.

I did a lot of research beforehand and am daily talking of cruises in my line of work. I love to eat out and we often do it in style and we stay in nice places AND I am SO looking forward to this cruise cause it WILL be great, I will make it great. I think less negativity in thought would go a long way to enjoying a cruise