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Been up at 8 am before and walked down the Promenade Deck and one side was completely full already (nobody on them though of course! ). Thomson definitely need to start enforcing this rule.
If you saw empty sunbeds at 8 am so what. Surely the point is how long have they been reserved but unoccupied. This is where the situation needs to be 'policed'. You are absolutely correct in saying people leaving the ship are unlikely to use their reserved sunbeds for at least an hour, probably longer.

The practical problem is how long are people given. How long do you have to sit on a bet for the clock to start ticking? Do you have to get sunstroke to keep a sunbed all day. Some people sit for a time & then go for food, a drink, go to reception, toilet, back to their cabin etc etc

Unfortunately we have created a self centred society where me comes first. People who lose out tend to be those who try to consider other people as well as themselves.

Surely there are other ares Thomsons could use their staff to inprove cruises rather than police us.
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