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Its a problem, not just on Thomsons, there simply aren't enough beds to go around, we can never find a sunbed on the sea day! we tend to get a drink and lean on the rail instead hopefully waiting just in case one will become vacant (never happens) actually, its quite pleasant to gaze out to sea watch the birds, the flying fish, sometimes dolphins, however we often get complaints from people on the sunbeds that we are blocking their view! My Word! What can you Do? You cant get a sunbed and you’re not allowed to stand up either!! I once spent and hour sitting on an upturned bucket behind the pool bar!!

cant sit in the poolside bar either all the tables are occupied by people reading books one chair for them and another for their feet!
Surely if you needed a chair which was occupied by someone's feet, you could have politely asked them to move their feet as you wanted the chair?