On the surface, both islands offer about the same: lush greenery, tropical splendor, warm water, everything that you think about when you think about a South Sea island.

What Bora Bora has is a commerical center so if shopping is important to you, then you'll want Bora Bora. It's the more touristy of the two as it's been in the limelight for much longer. It has tons of different tours, both sea and land. This is why, I think, Princess has started to overnight here - to give folks more of a chance to experience the island and all that it offers.

Moorea, on the other hand, has some great stuff, but no real towns, per se. It is primarily a bedroom community for Papeete - many of the locals 'commute' back and forth on the ferry. There is shopping and, of course, the Tiki Theater, which can be a fun experience. It also offers land and sea tours, but doesn't have quite as much variation.

Either way, you can't go wrong. Both of the islands are beautiful and just about as close to paradise as I've been.
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