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My husband and I are crusing for the first time, on the Celebrity Solstice. We both have Multiple Sclerosis are a little nervous about getting around. Our cabin is on the Aqua Class deck 14? Do I have a better chance of getting sea sick that high? We do have a balcony. Also, we smoke ciggarettes currently. How far do we have to go to have a smoke? There is no smoking in abins or balconies.. I think everywhere they are making it difficult and inaccessible to do so. Maybe this trip will force us to quit.

Have never cruised with Celebrity so really can't answer any questions specific to the Solstice other than to say that there are no cabins on deck 14. According to the deck plans Aqua Class is on deck 11.

Have you ever gotten sea sick or had motion sickness before as that's a consideration as to whether or not you might be prone to having it on the cruise ? As a safety precaution you might consider taking Bromine before leaving home. However since you both have MS and might be taking on of the disease modifying medications (as well as other medications) it would be best to place a call to your doctors office to see what he/she suggests you do to prevent a possible onset of motionsickness. Should you become sea sick your bet option is to eat crackers and apples as that these will help to calm your stomach. All cruise lines have this readily available just for this purpose. Also all cruise lines will generally supply a sea sickness tablet free of charge at the guest services desk .

Not that you have to disclose this but you do not say how ambulatory you both are and whether or not you have booked an accessible cabin ? As you know energy management is a big part of living with MS. Even if you and your husband are what is termed as being invisible , meaning not having to use any mobility device at the current time , fatique is a well known symptom of MS and you're bound to get tire tired walking this big ship as well as excursions. So I would suggest either bringing walkers with a seat or even renting mobility scooters ( if you don't already have these) for the cruise so that you can fully enjoy the experience with being overwhelmed by fatique. However you will need an accessible cabin if for the mobility scooters as you cannot leave them in hallway. Mobility scooters must be stored in your cabin. Make certain you take time out of the day to relax. Don't over do it and certainly don't stress over anything.

Celebrity does provide wheelchair assistance on embarkation day and disembarkation day so if needed take advantage of this service. Also if the ship has any tendered ports ( meaning the ship is not docked and you have to transfer from the ship into a small boat ) you need to know that you must be able to take steps and use a collapsible manual wheelchair in order to be allow to board the tender. In addition, motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters can not be taken on tenders, unless roll-on capability is available. You must inquire about tender roll-on capability at Guest Relations Desk while on board. Please note roll-on capability is not guaranteed. Those of us that travel with motorized scooter and wheelchairs just plan on staying on board ship that day and if allow to tender than we consider it to be bonus. Here's the link to Celebrity's website regarding Special Needs http://www.celebritycruises.com/onbo...needs_overview

Have MS and cruise regularly so if you have any futher questions that you think I might be of assistance don't hesitate to ask. Personally I find cruising to be the best way for me to travel living with MS .