The only cabin doors that are automatic are the ones for accessible cabins. The doors for regular cabins are NOT automatic.
And Solstice does not have roll on capability for their tenders, so if you're in a scooter or can't handle steps, tendering is not possible.

First of all, there are no Aqua Class cabins on deck 14. That deck is the buffet and pool area along with the Observation Lounge. Aqua Class is on deck 11 only. I've been on Deck 11 a number of times and I didn't notice much in the way of additional roughness. But, our cabin was midship.

OP, I've cruised Solstice a number of times. Do you have an accessible cabin? Do you use mobility scooters or wheelchairs? If you use wheelchairs, can you push yourself? If you don't have an accessible cabin, and you use scooters, there's no way you will fit both scooters in a cabin unless you're in the PH. Not even the RS will accommodate two scooters---I checked out a Royal Suite and there's no way to maneuver a scooter from the main area, into the bedroom and then into the bathroom. Just can't do it. You definitely need an accessible cabin.

As for smoking, Celebrity is the most restrictive line against smoking. There's no smoking in ANY interior space and only three places outside. One is on deck 15, way in the back, at the Sunset bar, one side only. The second area is on Deck 5, port side, in one small area of that deck. The third area is near the outdoor pool, again on the port side. But like I said, Celebrity takes their no smoking seriously and will put any passengers off the ship if they are caught smoking in their cabins, balcony or any other no smoking area. They recently threw off an entire family for smoking on their balcony and in the cabin, and there is a fine of $250.
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