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We use collapsible walkers with a seat for short trips and scooters for longer ones. We have a handicap accessible cabin in Aqua Class. I think 2 scooters will fit (I hope). We will probably use scooters for longer distances on the ship (getting to restaurants, entertainment, etc. and on excursions. Once we are in the cabin, either walkers or holding on to the walls or whatever is available will do. Walkers can be folded flat and put against a wall. Thanks for telling me about the smoking rules. We will probably use scooters to get to smoking areas (If this trip doesn't force us to quit, meaning "not to easy to get somewhere to do it") Thanks for all your info.
I use a walker and had an Aqua HA cabin, plenty of room.Glad you could get one.The accessable doors on HA cabins and public BR are a temendous help.We were on the Millenium in Sept that did not have this feature and it was very difficult for me. Have a great trip.