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Hi all- my DH and I are new to the boards. I hope it is ok if we share the name. If not, could CC maybe tell us so we can keep this name for DH and I can get another? We are new to this but he said he posted from my phone earlier.

Anyway we are not very experienced cruisers- 6 carnivals on the Legend, Glory and Dream. Planning on booking Fantasy or Fascination (sp?) Bc of the ports and timing. What should we expect on smaller ships? Anything better or worse? Already figured out no steakhouse. Any recommendations are welcome. We aren't trying any of that controversy on here. Want to stay under the wire for angry posts but could really really use some help. Tried looking at other threads but someone always seems angry.
HHHHHEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOO crustysam: Whichever of you reads this first, welcome to these boards. My wife and I are going on our 11th Carnival cruise this fall. We have also been on the Legend, and Dream. We are going on the Glory this fall. We like the smaller ships. The larger ships have too many people and the resulting service is poor. I didn't like the cruise on the Dream. Service in the MDR wasn't up to the standard Carnival had set on earlier voyages. We also like the Triumph.Go on whatever size ship you feel comfortable on.