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My daughter is currently on the QE II cruising NY to Caribbean to NY. I just received a message from her indicating that the Norovirus is active on board. She reports that "all outgoing calls, including that on my cell phone are bouncing back as ~restricted by agency~. we were not informed of the severity of the outbreak until today." She also learned that 500 people are sick.

Does anyone have more information? I can't find anything about it on the internet. Can they really stop all outgoing calls??? Is this all a bad joke? Thanks.
I am currently on the Queen Mary 2 and there is a big outbreak. I don't know about the phone calls but tons of people are sick and they are putting more restrictions on us every day. Rumor has it that they may shut down the buffets. From what I have heard, a bunch of people were sick on the transatlantic crossing that preceded our cruise so Cunard knew there was a problem.