Home Sweet Home with all my beautiful Meno Sisters! Looking forward to many more wonderful chats with old and new friends! I love the new name!

Thanks to Jenn and CC for giving us a new home!

Had a great day here, DH and my niece's DH went out golfing while we stayed back and played with baby. Went to a fun little shop that sells everything from cute stemware, gifts to some really beautiful dresses & shoes. While baby napped we had mojitos on the patio. Then after golf DH grilled up some ribs and we had potato salad and grilled corn. A nice relaxing day.

Smooth, I like to run walk in the morning and after it's to dark in the fall I move inside to the treadmill. I run in an area of no houses so it can get kind of creepy sometimes and really to dangerous if it's dark. Hope you enjoyed your wine night!

ok, time for some tv then it's going to be bedtime!