Good evening ladies.

Wow, Paula, sounds like a really great find. Enjoy your freedom and, of course, enjoy your new job when it starts.

I did add a prayer for a "successful surgery and rapid recovery for Trish" to our Parish Book of Intercessions. The gospel (as Marianne already knows) was about the Canaanite woman whose daughter was possessed by a demon, who kept begging Jesus to cure her, even after he initially refused to help. The moral being that sometimes we have to be aggressive and keep petitioning God over and over and over until he sees that our faith can't be shaken, even when we have to wait for the answers to our prayers.

On my new diet, smooth, I am not eating the chocolate. But I sure do miss it, especially now that you mention it.

What I did have today is "Miracle Soup" from the Dukan Diet Book. It is recommended that you eat a big bowl (hot) when you feel really hungry, so you don't start snacking while you are waiting for your real dinner.

I opened the recipe book, started cutting up all of the ingredients on the list (while listening to a really good audio book) without paying too much attention. Then all of a sudden I finally realized that I had enough veggies for two huge pots. I ate one big bowl, filled up an empty cottage cheese container for lunch tomorrow, and put one giant pot in the cooler with ice. Joe ate most of the rest of the original pot.

Here is half the recipe:

2 cloves of garlic
3 large onions (I used Walla Walla Sweets)
1/2 head of cabbage
3 carrots
1/2 bunch of celery
16 oz. of peeled canned tomatoes (no sugar)
beef bouillion
chicken bouillion

Toss everything into a pot and cover with water. Then add the bouillion.

Well I certainly do have soup for a few days. That is good because it is supposed to rain and be quite cool tomorrow. Oh how I love our wonderful, cool, summer weather, especially after experiencing 106 in Athens.

Other than that, I spent most of the afternoon doing laundry and launching a super attack job on my fridge. I can't believe how much stuff I threw out. What is really weird is that, even after I filled the entire kitchen garbage can with junk, the fridge is still too full of stuff. Oh well, at least it is clean now.

We decided that we just couldn't make it to Buenos Aires in September after all. We have to fly to California to celebrate our dear SIL's 70th birthday, plus we have a little cruise and then my whole family is coming to visit at the end of the month--maybe even my brother who has never been her in all the 43 years I have lived in Washington. He hasn't totally made up his mind, but he is thinking about it.

We will, however, be going to New York City for Christmas--flights and rooms are all booked. Now all we need to decide is what we want to do while we are there. I am thinking it would be fun to go to Radio City Music Hall. DD wants to go see Madame Butterfly at the Met, but I have already bought her and her partner tickets for her birthday--she doesn't know. Maybe while we are there (since we are staying in Times Square anyway) we will pop down in the mornings and see what kind of cheap tickets we can snag for last minute show seats. We will also go to Mass at St. Patrick's on either Christmas Eve or maybe Christmas morning. We are flying home Christmas night.

Another good reason to hurry up and get slim once again. Right now, none of my good wool pants even fit.

OK, time to get some sleep so I can get up early and get to the gym.

Good rest to all, Punki

p.s. I really do need to find a nice long cruise to book. Even knowing I have my little cruise coming up, I am beginning to suffer withdrawal.
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