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Cool ... we are not big drinkers (thank goodness) but it's always great to have an ice cold draft beer on a hot sea day.

I almost won the slot tournament last time, ahead until last few seconds. I could taste the win by then. Came in 2nd.

2nd time in the finals .. the first time I had the highest qualifying score and got a nice hat and the black tee shirt.

The last time I got a cheap white tee shirt only for coming in 2nd. Liked the black ones a whole lot better and they were better quality.

Sur Mer is only open for lunch and its fish and chips, but it had watermelon squares with seared tuna that I like a lot. Some kind of fish stew, think it has coconut in it, which Im allergic to, so never tried it. Deep fried oysters, were so so at best. They could improve it so they cook the fish better imo. I love fish and chips, just not their fish and chips.. but its very quiet up there to avoid a mob in the buffet and has lots of extra seating.
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