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What strikes me as funny is that we now consider ships the size of Splendour to be "small" ships! I remember when the Vision class were launched they were some of the largest and most luxurious oceangoing passenger vessels ever built. It's funny how things have changed in 20 years! When the Vision and Radiance class ships leave the RCCL fleet for good, so will I. I am not interested in cruising at a suburban shopping mall at sea.
I think it is just RCI passengers that refer to them as 'small-ships' due to the development of Oasis. I classify them as 'mid-size' as small ship designates 'luxury' for me. The soon to premier Viking Star is a small ship.

Yes, it was the development of another Serenade, the Silja Serenade passenger ferry that first brought us the 'promenade' in 1990 that was eventually developed into RCI's Voyager and Freedom class ships built at the same shipyard. When I am onboard these ships it is amazing how much they have the same feel as the Scandinavian passenger ferries that were their inspiration, especially if staying in a promenade cabin.

I do understand the popularity of the large ships, but sure hope RCI will keep or develop 'mid-size' ships as well.