Hi, I'm one of the happy ones who has enjoyed a Scenic river cruise before -Jewels of Europe. Our second one will be the 14 day South of France booked for next October. Hoping some who've been on that itinerary can answer a few questions......
  • how early the TGV train leaves Paris for Dijon on day two? We're trying to consider if there is time for some more Paris sightseeing that day, or are we gone?
  • if applicable, did they enjoy using the new Tailormade GPS?
  • post cruise, we will be doing a week in Belgium, and although Scenic suggests that Nice is a better airport, our cruise debarks on a Saturday, and after 3 p.m. (their suggested flight time) Saturdays, it appears that there are not many flights or trains going north that would leave us time to get to our final destination in one day. So we'd like to save time by doing our own transfer from Tarascon into Avignon for a train earlier in the day, or Marseilles for an earlier flight choice. Has anyone done similar transfers from Tarascon, and if so, how did it work out?
Many thanks in advance!