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"Can't afford to send washing out' is (or in our case WAS understood). However, while the items lost were not expensive at all (four to a pack socks and underwear as opposed to designer labels) it still probably cost more in items appropriated by another passenger than it did do have the laundry sent to the ship's facility! I get it - we can either sail Cunard or buy designer undies (budget does not stretch to both...) but the $15-20 worth of clothing lost could have paid the laundry fees for the items lost.

I know this is probably a one off scenario, but my advice is to just bite the bullet and eschew the laundromat unless you have a good book and a lot of patience. As already reported, the husband is now a covert to the ships laundry with very little encouragement from me, apart from a wry expression and much eye rolling (both mine) when he realized he had only two pairs of underwear and five days left without sight of land....
I just checked the thread I created re laundry prices and charges for laundry for me alone would be about $15 for one day's worth of clothing for me alone. I've reluctantly agreed to send my suit and dress shirts out, because ironing WOULD be a waste of my vacation time, but you'll be able to find me this voyage in the deck 5 laundry room with my Kindle and my patience.