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Hi ricki,
Last November/December on QM2 in the Caribbean, in the laundry room on Deck 11, I noted there was a basket of neatly folded clothes in a corner. As I was waiting for "my" machine to finish, a lady (also waiting) said that the basket had been there since she boarded in Southampton.

On the afternoon of my last day on board (before returning to New York), I happened to be passing and looked in, and yes, there was the basket, still in a corner.

I presume a passenger did a "last day wash", packed and left, forgetting they had clothes elsewhere on the ship (but surprised how roomy their cases were...).

I wonder if someone currently on board could check and see if that well travelled laundry (it could have been on the world cruise), is still there?
Hi Pepper,

I will be glad to check for the basket of laundry, but it won't be until the 10 May westbound crossing after QE's WC. That would be amazing if it is still there!

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