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Jade tell me please what is your tour like. Good job I didnt pay yet.

So let me know if you have done it with smile (i hope so) and what they call this tour to tell Thi.

Thanks greatam y jade for the help
We did not book the Mekong with Smile tours. We have a group from our cruise who are chartering a motorboat from HCMC to go on the Mekong Delta. However, we are scheduled to dock at 9:00am. I was never interested in being in a bus for 2 hours each way. You need a group of 8-10 people to make this reasonable and it had to be paid in advance (not like Smile who takes cash that day)

I am still unclear on your cruise what time Quest is scheduled to dock in HCMC? At first I thought you said 2:00pm, but than you showed a tour picking you up at the port at 12:00pm.