Trish, I'll chime in and give you some information I acquired before I selected Giancarlo. The following are posts from these boards.
Tour of Italy

We just returned from Millie on Sunday. For Naples, we used Giovanni as our private driver. He picked us up at the ship, made arrangements for private guide in Pompeii (not to be missed) - GREAT GUIDE, and showed us the coast like someone who has lived his whole life there.

He is a character and seemed to know EVERYONE there. It was a delightful day - I would highly recommend him.


We had a very good day with Giancarlo. He took us wherever we wanted to go, and so we let him make most of the decisions. We were interested in Pompeii and swimming somewhere, and he filled in the gaps. He is young, and works with his Father Giovanni. We found him in a google search of tour of Italy dot com and would recommend you study or buy a guide book of the Amalfi coast and read it on the way.

Giovanni from was our driver and we loved him. We spent all day together. He gave us a wonderful tour of the Amalfi Coast, with plenty of time to stop and shop, take pictures, etc. You will have wonderful and entertaining day.

Oh, great. He is scheduled to drive us as well. I have been corresponding with his son, Giancarlo. I understand Giovanni used to have restaurants in NY and California.

What did you do for your day? Since we are keeping our group small (4 persons) unlike other ports, I haven't gotten into any details about our day. Just that we wish to stop at Pompeii first (I have been there before). Do you recall where you stopped for lunch?

Where did you go? Thanks!

We are booked with him too about a month. It is so nice to see such positive comments for him and are excited to learn more!

Giovanni gave us a tour of the Almafi Coast last May and we had a great time with him. Go to: You won't be disappointed!

I can recommmend Giovanni of There are many great review for him on the forum. We did a tour with him in June and it was a wonderfully memorable day. He seemed to know everyone and everywhere in the coast and made the day special for us. He is native and really allowed us to experience the area.

He picked us up at the port, arranged for a fantastic guide in Pompei and made it a truly special day.

To be warned, the Amalfi Coast is known for crazy driving and incredibly tight winding turns and he certainly lived up to that reputation.

I would high recommend him.

Having posted that I have agreed to pay him 400 euro for my wife and I for 9 hours including 2 hours at Pomeii with an archeological guide who can get you into the buildings and not walk around them, that was important to me. As for his driving I did note one comment about that but everything else was positive. His father is the boss and he also has a cousin who drives too I understand. He was cheaper than the others and is why I did the research above. If I have a problem with his driving I'll ask him to slow down. Have to confirm with credit card and 20% is charged for no shows. Payment is due in full with cash at end of tour. Hope this helps. Bill