I made a list of all the coverage offered by the insurance through Vantage and then went on line and compared it with all the major companies. I discovered that I could not match the same amount of coverage with any other company, including the company Vantage used! There are several factors to keep in mind: your age and general health and condition being primary and the solvency of the company you are using. For me personally, I am most interested in having to cancel at the last minute due to a health emergency or becoming incapacitated in a foreign country where I may need to be transported home on a medical evac. By comparing each item with several companies, it isn't hard to pick who gives you the most for the money. The key is to make sure you get the same or better coverage.
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Greek Islands and Turkey, Louis Perla, October, 2006
Castles on Rhine, Vantage, Aug/Sept. 2008
Egypt and Jordan, Vantage, Jan/Feb. 2009
Holland and Belgium, Vantage, April/May 2010
Alaska, HAL Statendam, June, 2011
Costa Rica, Star Flyer,Vantage, Feb. 2011
Russia and Ukraine, Vantage, Aug/Sept. 2012
Panama Canal, Celebrity Infinity, April/May 2013
Columbia & Snake Rivers, ACL , June, 2013
Gateway to the Black Sea, Vantage, June/July 2014
Trans Canada Rail Odyssey ,Vantage, June 2015
Switzerland Rhine & Mozelle, Vantage, August 2015
Southern Caribbean, Celebrity Eclipse, March 2016
Canada-New England, Celebrity Summit, Oct 2016
Caribbean, RCI Grandeur of the Seas, Jan, 2017
Scandinavia-Russia, Celebrity Eclipse, Aug, 2017
Norway Fjords, Celebrity Eclipse, Aug, 2017
Southern Caribbean, March, 2018, Celebrity Eclipse


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British Isles, August, 2018, Celebrity Eclipse
Southern Caribbean, March, 2019, Celebrity Silhouette
Bermuda and Caribbean, July, 2020, Anthem of the Seas