I will second all of the above responses. It is best to get your policy from a 3rd party vendor. Make sure that the amount you are insuring for is more than your actual costs. As mentioned, if your trip cost is $5725 but you have only insured for $5700 - the entire claim can be denied as not having sufficient coverage. I usually insure for at least $200 over my costs - I figure this includes checked baggage fee, transfers,etc.

As mentioned, it is also important to get your travel insurance very soon after placing the initial deposit to get pre-existing condition coverage. Just make sure to increase the amount of coverage as you purchase plane tickets, make final payment, etc.

Some plans offer cancel for any reason coverage - but this tends to be more expensive. Once you have a policy, or are thinking about getting one, make sure you read all of the details to see what is and what isn't covered. When there was a lot of unrest in Egypt a while ago, there was a period when the US State Dept. did not issue a travel warning to Egypt. Without this, some policies did not cover cancellation. Other policies specifically won't cover acts of terrorism.