Your pics are terrific - thanks for the review!

If you ever do consider a longer visit to the USVI, I strongly suggest a charter out of STT -- I have several friends in the business down there and recommend a USVI/BVI route for some FANTASTIC fun and snorkeling - you will want to go back over and over. We charter and sail ourselves there every year.

We still like to jump on a cruise ship but we really preferred the laid-back pace of being able to stay as long as we like in a port - and take our own dinghy back and forth to shore/dock.

If you're ever interested, shoot me a PM and I'll give you some references. St. John's quieter spots Waterlemon (yes, lemon, not melon ) Cay comes to mind - great snorkeling to be had there - as well as Mahoe Bay. And depending upon how hearty you are - the Mahoe Bay tent campgrounds are an awesome land-based vacation - there are also plenty of fantastic villas in the USVI and the BVI.

Just food for thought -- it's one of my favorite places on earth to be.
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