Diana - Enjoy your cruise, relax and have a wonderful adventure.

Belle, I wish we all lived closer - I think it would be fun if you and I were able to sit down (with a bottle of wine!) and just talk about life and family.

I'm still not weighing in - I will start again toward the end of the month. Think I need to go with the flow on "stuff" - My MIL fell yesterday, but she is ok -- she's spending a lot of time crying, nothing they can do for her back (except meds help a little) -- the wedding was 13 days ago and she has no memories of that day. It is so sad, and so difficult for my DH - He is now going there usually twice a day and half of Saturday & half of Sunday.

My kids are healthy, my grandson is healty, my husband is healthy, I'm actually healthy --- so guess I should be grateful for the positive things. Jan
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8/17/03 - Voyager of the Seas Cruise - & 30th wedding anniversary
10/28/06 - Radiance of the Seas Cruise - DH 55th Birthday cruise
8/4/07 - Carnival Triumph - DS 16th's Birthday Cruise
8/17/08 - Mariner of the Seas - & 35th wedding anniversary
8/23/09 - Adventure of the Seas - Southern Caribbean cruise -36th anniversary - 5 days late
10/9/10 - Radiance of the Seas - From Tampa, FL-DD's first cruise
10/8/11 - Oasis of the Seas - Eastern (DH's early 60th birthday)
9/14/12 - NCL Dawn - Boston to Bermuda (Jan's 60th birthday cruise - oh my!)
8/17/13 - Oasis - B2B Cruise - 40th Anniversary (DS & DDIL (first leg of cruise - 1st anniversary).
8/24/13 - Oasis - 2nd leg of the cruise
9/5/2014 - NCL Dawn - Boston to Bermuda - 1st suite - mortgage paid off celebration!!!
8/15/2015 - Adventure of the Seas - Southern Caribbean cruise (3 new ports) - 42nd Anniversary
4/16/2016 - Navigator of the Seas - 8 day Eastern - "Girls Cruise" - sister's first cruise.
9/16/2016 - Explorer of the Seas - 7 day Pacific Northwest - 1st time on the west coast & Jan Birthday cruise - 1st cruise as Diamond
4/14/2017 - Navigator of the Seas - 9 day Cruise (1 new port) -
10/20/2017 - Serenade of the Seas - 12 day Re-positioning cruise - Boston to Ft.Lauderdale
3/24/2018 - Hawaii Pride of America - all new adventure with DH's siblings
9/7/2018 - NCL Dawn - Boston to Bermuda - this is first cruise for DS's MIL - Ended up in Canada (thanks Flo)
4/14/2019 - Celebrity Edge - 7 day Western - 1st time with Celebrity - Brother & SIL & Sister are going too!
11/8/2019 - NCL Gem - 13 day from Boston to Caribbean - 1 new port
2020 - Family cruise (destination to be announced) -
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