Well I was in Florida last week. A whole week of eating out and desserts with little exercise. I was afraid to step on the scale when we got back.

Well the good news is that although I gained 2 lbs, by this morning I had lost one! I am so glad. I have more faith that I can keep it off, or at least down to a dull roar, when we go on our cruise/2 week vacation Dec. 2.

Still am not doing very well on the challenge. Started at 154 and I am still 154. Darn.
Next week I have to bake 5 cakes for a fundraiser. Soooooo hard to be good when the house smells like chocolate. I usually make small 3x5 cakes for the 2 of us to have to soften the blow. This gives us a taste but no way to really blow the diets.