Hope you read my poem or whatever
you call them at the end of last weeks..which
is for this week! Don't know how I made that

Today..Thursday had to take my mother to the
Hospital her heart is failing. Thought might be
her lungs..probably both. Least she's getting the
meds she needs to get better. She should be fine
after this for months (they think) but who knows
how many months. Sad but knew she had problems
but doing well till now.

Please say a prayer that she is comfortable and
not in pain. My only hope is that when it's time
it's peacefull.

Now for a upbeat post!

Rose..So happy your husband doing better. I to wish
I was doing better. We can do it! TY Rose.

Jo..Glad you stayed the same even with your little snacks.

Diana..Bon Voyage! You lost 2lbs before you leave. Great!
TY for the Hug!

Jan..So sorry about your MIL. Know how your husband feels.
Now I'll be at hospital everyday. She's about 35 to 45 mins
each way. Would be nice to get dru..mean drink together and

Indiana..Hello stranger! How are you? You still keep in touch
with the others? Yes do come in more often.

Trina..Glad you came back, we didn't scare you away!lol
Good loss your first week. TY trina..it is hard.

forbjz..I can smell the cakes now! Great job..only gaining
two lbs on vacation and then losing one.

Have a Good Weekend!