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For those concerned about no choicdes n meals, don't forget that you have 3 or 4 courses for every meal. I'm sure you'll still have something you like. And no, don't expect steaks, burgers and pizzas. Chances are, it'll be stuff you've barely heard of. You're traveling, enjoy it. Meals are part of the experience
Without wanting to over-labour the point, I am European, I have worked and travelled across Europe (and the USA for that matter) for many years so I am more than familiar with the extremes of regional cuisine having eaten most of them in the context of business related meals on multiple occasions.

I also have no desire to find steak, burgers and pizza on the menu, nor any USA oriented comfort food

I just like to decide what I want to eat on any particular occasion and rarely need more than a couple of choices to find something I'll enjoy rather than something I have to 'experience'.

If you enjoy playing pot-luck with the meals then this line is probably a good choice, if you don't then it seems reasonable to expect them to make it a lot clearer than they do that this is the way they operate...