You already realise that your cabin will have too floor level beds (3 feet wide) and one upper bed that hinges down from the wall. You will need to work out who goes in the upper bed and also probably work out a schedule for bathroom use. One advantage of your location, there are public toilets (4) very close to your cabin. Just go through the big doors to the deck (where the table tennis tables are) and it is immediately on your left. There is a long bench with a large mirror so this area could also be used to do your make-up etc. Most people don't know these toilets are there and they are not near an area where a lot of people need these facilities.

You have chosen your cabin well for smokers. The main smoking area is on deck 12 on the port side (the other side of the ship to your cabin, but very close). You are only one deck below the buffet (Horizon Court) and the outside grill. It is excellent for lunch of a pie & chips or a kebab. The hamburgers at the grill are very disappointing, although the ones in the dining room are good.

Champagne Bay. This isn't a town, just a beach stop with temporary stalls selling sarongs and other tourist stuff. There are no cars for hire only a couple of vans or utes that they take people on a short trip to the Blue Lagoon.

I can't help you with details on the photo packages. Having cruised a lot, we don't buy their photos. The posed photos they do on formal night are lovely. Don't even bother looking at the Platinum Studio packages. They are very expensive.