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I'm learning from all of the posts. Besides the issue that fall IS hurricane season, what have we all been discovering. I'd like helpful comments on:

1. The positive and negatives of travel insurance.

2. When to hold and when to fold (waiting it out or cancel your cruise)

3. Other issues (is it morally right to vacation in a devasted area immediately after the event (ie. the idea that they need our tourist dollars a day after a hurricane), things we take for granted that won't be there if we travel/cruise, etc.(ie. Everyone's car/taxi/shuttle van was underwater), etc.

I learned from Superstorm Sandy that often the best advice is to get out early. After convincing my airline rep (who had NO idea that a storm was affecting travel in the USA- I suspect he was in India) that I should be put on an earlier to connecting flight to make my flight out of the USA, they relented since there were seats. We were among the last flights leaving the airport on the east coast as they prepared for shutdown

I am in Boston, which is as East Coast as it gets. It is a beaufrfifuul days today and tgghre is no eason aifpoft would be prreparing to shutt down thatrr I know of.. That is an eerie feeling. If I had waited for them to cancel the first leg of the flight, which they did eventually, I would have missed all my precruise days in Rome.[/quote]

Enjoy Rome.It is impossible to not, IMO.

Here's something to add to learn from these horrid storms. Lets make it a point to study geography. What a bonus for people who travel to know to where they are travfeling.
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