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When I did the November round trip. I was disappointed I didn't join the choir. The choir sang in the grand lobby and it was quite tremendous. l was very surprised how many people had taken part. Even the on board singers commented how amazing. I will certainly make sure I participate next time.

I recently booked a “back-to-back” pair of cruises on the QM2 in September/October 2019: a R/Trip transatlantic from NYC to Hamburg followed by another R/Trip NYC to Quebec. I found out after I’d booked that the National Symphony is “in residence” on the eastbound transatlantic, and that they have a passenger chorus!

I had no idea this was happening, and to say I’m thrilled would be an understatement.

I retired in 2003 from 32 years in high tech/IT to go to university to study music. I finished my undergrad degree with a triple major in conducting, composition, and vocal performance. Went on to get a M.Mus. In choral conducting and a M.A. in music history & literature with a heavy emphasis on women’s choirs. Sang and composed music for several choirs in the Seattle, WA area.

My voice hasn’t aged as gracefully as I’d like, but I can still manage a halfway decent alto line. The trip is almost two years away, so I still have some time to do some “reconditioning” work. I just have to think that this is one of those “meant to be” situations.

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