Try to get out earlier....keep an eye on the airlines' and airPORT's websites...

just a question are from CHICAGO!!! you guys KNOW what to do with snow!!!! so you are asking us????

LOOK at other flight options....if something happens, get on your cell phone to the 800 number and rebook...WHILE you are waiting in line;.....that way by the time you get to an agent you will be all someone said...KNOW how to get fromORD (or MDW) to may have to go a weird way, but get on line now and start writing down possible options...

AND...not sure how far away you live, but i would BOOK A ROOM at an airport hotel can cancel it if you don't need it..that way you won't have to go all the way home in the crap! and you will be the first at the airport sunday to get on a flight if something wacky happens..
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