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I got this book for my husband for $9.95 on Amazon. We have free shipping.
YES, that was a good and smart $10 investment in getting this book for your husband. Excellent prep for sailing through the Panama Canal.

LATEST ADVENTURE??!!: Just got back from three weeks in Europe doing five days in Lisbon, sailing from Portugal, seeing for the first time NW Spain, Bordeaux, Brittany, etc. Great sights and sites! Below are a few "samples" to prove the value for exploring these wonderful areas. For many more pictures and full details, check out this live/blog:

THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio

AFRICA?!!?: Lots of interesting and dramatic pictures can be seen from this live/blog at:
Now at 32,521 views for this visual sharing including Cape Town, along South Africa’s coast, Mozambique, Victoria Falls/Zambia and Botswana's famed Okavango Delta area.

For Sintra north of Lisbon, here is one small visual sampling. Yes, as we told our grandsons, these are "Real Castles!". Really have learned lots on the unique history of Portugal.:
(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger!)

From Porto, during our first trip to Portugal, we loved doing a small-craft sailing along their historic town areas near where Port wines are stored and sold.:

At the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the art is mostly about the building. Lighting and time of day when photo shooting allows for much creativity as to how you can capture this structure, its outdoor art, the inside drama, etc. Not your grandfather's museum! Like?:

Here is one quick visual sample from being in Bordeaux. If you love history and architecture, this is the super place to be!!. Like the little boy enjoying the water experience?:

During our Guernsey Island visit off of the French coast, we did our ship's "Powerboat Seascape Expedition". Great fun and sightings! Isn't this puffin cute?? Plus, lots of seal, beach, sea gull, etc., actions and activities.:

After the cruise concluded in Rouen, we finished with in-depth time in Brittany and to finish with a stop at Monet's Giverny before flying out from Paris' de Gaulle airport.: