Lack of water under the Keel and loss of Stability! not Rocket Science really.

"There's theory.. and there is reality" How true that is ...amen.
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Small things Amuse Small Minds while Bigger Fools Look on.

Relax Unwind Be Yourself! =Ruby Princess.

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MSC Meraviglia December 2019
Ruby Princess September 2019 Alaska
MSC Divina December 2018
Voyager of the Seas September 2018 Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand
MSC Seaside April 2018 Caribbean
MSC Seaside December 2017 Caribbean
MSC Preziosa September 2017 Northern Europe.
Majestic Princess April 2017 Inaugural med cruise.
MSC Orchestra November 2014 Venice to Dubai
MSC Divina November 2013 T.A. Venice to Miami
MSC Opera June 2013 Southampton to Norway
MSC Poesia November 2012 T.A Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale
NCL Jade April/May 2012 B2B Venice to Greek Islands
NCL Jade February 2012 Barcelona to Canary Islands
Costa Deliziosa December 2011 Savona to Savona
Mariner of the Seas May 2011Rome to Rome
Oasis of the Seas October 2010 Caribbean
Queen Victoria May 2010 Southampton to Southampton
Ruby Princess November 2009.... Caribbean
Vision of the Seas September 2009 Denmark to Norway
Brilliance of the Seas June 2009 Barcelona to Barcelona.
Ruby Princess November 2008 .... Caribbean.