Your allowed on the ship after ALL Princess staff give the OK and Customs approves
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Anything that doesn't kill you,,, just hurts a hell of a lot
Sea Princess 2/2002 Mexico, Star Princess 2/2003 Mexico (2nd time), Carnival Pride 10/2004 Mexico (3rd time), Diamond Princess 5/2005 Alaska, Sapphire Princess 12/2005 Mexico (4th time), Dawn Princess 11/2006 Mexico (5th time), Caribbean Princess 6/2007 W. Caribbean, Golden Princess 11/2007 Mexico (6th time), Sapphire Princess 11/2008 Mexico (7th time), Star Princess 6/2009 Alaska, Mariner of the Seas 12/2009 Mexico (8th time), Sapphire Princess 12/2010 Mexico (9th time), Coral Princess 10/2011 Trans Panama Canal, Ruby Princess 4/23/2019 Alaska