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Has anyone stayed in this cabin? I have heard stories that steels run through the balcony. It would be great to hear if people found this annoying as we have just booked for 14 night Med cruise May 2019 today. I booked first and researched later...doh!
We had an aft Penthouse on Ventura which had a metal stanchion running through the middle of the balcony. It wasn't an issue at all as the view out from the cabin wasn't impacted and the balcony was large enough that you didn't really notice it. I wouldn't worry about it. We would stay in an aft suite on Ventura or Azura again without hesitation, unlike aft suites on Britannia which we would never use again, even though we prefer the ship!
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674(A) Oriana 14/5/96. Southampton to Istanbul (Fly back). 8 nights. Outside Cabin.
E620 Oceana 11/8/06. Western Mediterranean. 14 nights. Outside Cabin.
E720 Oceana 12/8/07. Canaries. 13 nights. Outside Cabin.
X912 Oriana 24/7/09. Baltic. 14 nights. Outside Cabin.
A118 Azura 5/8/11. Eastern Mediterranean. 16 nights. Superior Deluxe Balcony Cabin.
N321 Ventura 18/8/13. Western Mediterranean. 14 nights. Superior Deluxe Balcony Cabin.
B517 Britannia 15/8/15. Western Mediterranean. 14 nights. Forward Suite + Adjacent Balcony Cabin.
B622 Britannia 23/7/16. Norwegian Fjords. 7 nights. Forward Suite + Adjacent Balcony Cabin.
N703 Ventura 15/2/17. Amsterdam & Bruges. 4 nights. Penthouse Suite.
R705 Aurora 13/5/17. Baltic. 16 nights. Accessible Balcony Cabin.
B721 Britannia 22/7/17. Western Mediterranean. 14 nights. Aft Suite + Adjacent Balcony Cabin.

R718 Aurora 20/10/17. Zeebrugge (although didnít dock due to storm). 2 nights. Accessible Balcony Cabin. Back to Back with;
R719 Aurora 22/10/17. Spain & France. 7 nights. Accessible Balcony Cabin.