Egypt is a tough port right now. The muslim brotherhood situation is out of control. Hopefully order will be restored. I would like to encourage you to consider cruising out of israel.

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I am traveling on Holland America's Rotterdam RT Athens this fall 2013 (Oct. 31) and have had several varied answers to this question. The tour operator we are using while docked in Alexandria and Port Said (Ramses) says the ship will provide as long as have a vacant page in our passport book.
Holland tells me ONLY IF we book an excursion through THEM.
Since we are sailing from Athens, obviously we need to know since we would not have an opportunity at an airport to get one as I have had some say.
I called CIBT (Zier) and they have a quite detailed process of obtaining a Visa for Egypt costing almost $200 by the time you pay this and that.
I have had no luck finding on the website any precise info.
Please advise! Thanks in advance!
Debbie in MS